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Teal on Transition Tea Podcast

Transition Tea is a podcast dedicated to demystifying the fascinating realm of healthcare Transition and Activation Planning. This 2023 kickoff episode is hosted by Christina Olivarria, Director of Business Development and Communications for Yellow Brick Consulting.

Teal Heath dives into the complexities of technology planning and deployment in healthcare construction while enjoying a cup of Super Ginger DAVIDsTEA. Learn how the convergence of technology and healthcare has changed the requirements of HIT construction, the healthcare system IT department's role in these intricate projects, and how Equinox HIT's modern approach and integrated platform, Solstice Key™, supports construction and technology teams in successful project delivery!

Thank you to Yellow Brick and Christina for hosting Teal and providing a scrumptious cup of tea!

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Yellow Brick Consulting Inc. is a woman-owned healthcare consulting firm established in 2018. They specialize in operations planning, project management, behavioral health, licensing and regulatory preparedness, and activation planning services.


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