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Savoring Elegance: A Recap of the 10th Annual Scotch Tasting Event at Cableland Mansion

Teal Heath, the founder of Equinox HIT, recently attended the 10th Annual Scotch Tasting event hosted by Colorado Health Network and Davidsons Beer, Wine & Spirits. The funds raised went to essential health initiatives and community health programs supported by the Colorado Health Network. Colorado Health Network works to provide comprehensive services, support, and resources for individuals and communities affected by HIV/AIDS and other health-related issues, aiming to improve overall health outcomes and promote well-being.

People dressed in business casual attire at an event hall with modern pendant lighting

The event, which took place at the prestigious Cableland Mansion, featured tastings from 15 different vendors and showcased some of the world's finest single malt scotches. The evening was further enhanced by the presence of Skylark Jazz, featuring Clint Dadian on guitar and Bill McCrossen on bass, who provided delightful entertainment throughout the night.

Caucasian man in suite playing guitar next to a Caucasian man with a hat who is stnading and playing a cello
Clint Dadian on Guitar & Bill McCrossen on Bass

A Celebration of Fine Spirits:

The Scotch Tasting event was a celebration of the finest spirits from around the world. Attendees were treated to a diverse range of single malt scotches, each with its unique flavor and aroma. From smooth and mellow blends to smoky and peaty malts, there was something to delight every palate. The tastings were complemented by a selection of delectable h'ors d'oeuvres that further enhanced the overall experience.

Brochure and pamphlet of scotch tasting event

The Allure of Cableland Mansion:

Cableland Mansion, the venue for the event, added to the allure of the evening. The grandeur of the mansion and its stunning architecture provided a fitting backdrop for the celebration of fine spirits. The lush gardens and breathtaking views created an ambiance of luxury and sophistication that perfectly complemented the refined nature of the Scotch Tasting.


The 10th Annual Scotch Tasting event at Cableland Mansion was a celebration of fine spirits, delectable cuisine, and delightful entertainment. It was an evening that left Teal with lasting memories and showcased the artistry and craftsmanship behind each bottle of single malt scotch. Overall, it was a fitting tribute to the world's finest spirits and an occasion that will be remembered for years to come.


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