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2023 Patrick Robinson's Chef Showcase Benefiting Rocky Mountain PACE

Updated: Jan 8

Animated Chef Holds an Independence Center Welcome Sign
The 2023 Patrick Robinson's Chef Showcase

On Thursday, June 1st, Teal Heath, in her role as Board Chair of The Independence Center (Event Silver Sponsor), had the privilege of attending this year's Patrick Robinson's Chef Showcase at The Antlers, A Wyndham Hotel. This annual event, hosted by Rocky Mountain Health Care Services (RMHCS), brought together local chefs who competed to win prestigious Gold, Silver, or Bronze medals as judged by the event's guests. All proceeds of the event benefit the Rocky Mountain PACE, they deliver medical and supportive services to older adults with chronic care needs in El Paso County. Participating local chefs came from Tepex, Mota's Best, Lumpia Lheas, Picnic Basket Catering Collective, Kariacos Food, Edelweiss, The Green Line Grill, Luchals, Black Forest Bistro, The Antlers, a Wyndham Hotel, The Warehouse Restaurant, The Joint, Buzzed Crow Bistro, Silver Key, Bear Creek Senior Living, The Palisades at Broadmoor Park MBK Senior Living, and Rocky Mountain PACE.

Crowd of People Dining at Round Tables in an Event Room with Chandeliers
The 2023 Patrick Robinson's Chef Showcase

Attendees were excited to participate in this unique culinary experience that showcased exceptional food from local Colorado Springs restaurants, live music, networking opportunities, and a shared commitment to supporting independence in the community. Chef Patrick Robinson, RMHCS's professional chef who sadly passed away in 2021, initiated the Chef Showcase in 2011. This esteemed event was aptly named in his honor, paying tribute to his significant contributions to the community.

Guests of the event had the delightful task of sampling the various dishes and casting their votes for their favorites using voting coins to put in their favorite's toque (chef hat) on that chef's display table. The friendly competition between the chefs added an element of excitement as they strove to impress attendees with their unique and innovative culinary creations. Each dish served was a testament to the local culinary talents' creativity, skill, and passion, making the event a true gastronomic adventure.

Gold plate, with a few of the dishes presented by the chefs, one appears to be a lamb shank in a wooden bowl, another appears to be a small appetizer, another looks like pulled pork on a black plate, and another looks like a chefs salad in a black bowl
The 2023 Patrick Robinson's Chef Showcase

Beyond the delightful culinary experience, the evening also offered an opportunity to raise awareness about the RMHCS's mission. RMHCS works towards keeping people as highly independent as possible by providing obtainable services to those who are under-served.

The relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere provided an ideal setting for networking, fostering new relationships, and building support for this noble cause. Attendees left the event with cherished memories, inspired by the culinary excellence and the collective commitment to positively impacting the community.

First place winner was Tepex, second place Mota's Best, and third place Lumpia Lheas.


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