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Project Progress: SCL Health now Intermountain Healthcare Future Lutheran Medical Center

On April 21, 2022, the Equinox HIT team toured the Patient Room Mock-up for the future Lutheran Medical Center. Our project partners created these mock-ups staged at The Chapel of the Good Samaritan (current Lutheran Medical Center's chapel) to allow project stakeholders to step into the future, visualize these new spaces, and provide feedback.

Collage of patient-room mock up - unfinished ceiling with metal rafters and fluorescent lighting, patient room door is clear glass with silver metal frame and handle,   Stryker hospital bed with tan and metal sides and blue covered mattress, wall-mounted television, clinical workstation-on-wheels white, blue, and black, light wood cabinets under the television, light green walls, light wood patient headboard with multi colored outlets and obscured rectangular glass inserted in the middle, tan floors, faux leather couch in dark brown with light wood feet, above the couch is a black framed white sign with text and images too small to read in white, blue and black

Thanks to our project partners and their subcontractors:

Cumming-Group - Owner's Representative

HDR Inc – Project Architect

Barton Malow Haselden Construction– General Contractor

Ross & Baruzzini – Technology Design Consultant

Encore Electric - Low Voltage Contractor

Earlier that day, the Equinox HIT team took the opportunity to take a site walk at the future hospital site. Crews were busy at work, where steel framing, decking, concrete floors, and some glass had been installed.

Equinox HIT Team walking up to the construction site wearing PPE - background is steel framed 5 story building and some glass installed, cranes and construction equipment, a truck, and a telephone pole, the very edge of a white tent for staging materials
Team walking into the site from left: Sergio Paula, Seth Williams, Sarah Flicker, Claire Carmelia
Ground level dirt below with hoses running, people in PPE looking towards a rounded steel and metal framing above, construction materials and vehicles in the back ground, with blue skies
Seth explaining the entrance plan to the team from left: Sarah Flicker, Sergio Paula, Claire Carmelia, Seth Williams
Dirt below, orange string and stick markers in the ground, large blue construction truck in the background, columns, decking above
Ground floor progress
Panoramic view of the unfinished first floor, steel beams, decking above, concrete below, construction workers in PPE, tools staged on the concreate floor, steel framed columns, background there is a yellow crane, apartment buildings, the foothills, and a blue sky
First floor progress
Decking above, concreate floor, saftey wire across, the decking for the first floor, yellow crane, silver truck, construction materials on the ground, white construction tent, apartment complex with cars in the parking lot, construction parking lot, street, reservoir of blue water, foothills, blue sky
West view from the third floor
Steel framing, concrete floor, decking above, wood safety barrier, scaffolding,  rounded entrance columns, ,glass exterior of eastern part of the building, with a black crane, below is dirt ground with staged construction materials, past that is the highway, past that is a RV dealership, reservoir, trees and blue sky
East view from the third floor
Equinox HIT Team poses for a team photo wearing PPT, concrete floor, wire safety barrier, yellow crane, decking, apartments, foothills, and blue skies
From left: Seth Williams, Sergio Paula, Claire Carmelia, Sarah Flicker

Evercam construction cameras allow project team members to remotely view the project progress. If you look closely you can see the Equinox HIT team entering the construction site.

The SCL Board of Directors approved additional shelled space to be built out. We anticipate a "topping off," where the topmost steel beam is placed, in August. Learn more about the progress, here.

SCL Health is now Intermountain Healthcare, learn more here.


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