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Project Progress: SCL Health Lutheran Medical Center Replacement Hospital

Seth Williams, Sarah Flicker, and project partners Encore Electric conducted a site walk on Tuesday, February 8th, at the Lutheran Medical Center Replacement Hospital site. Check out the progress.

Steel framework and red crane facing east with building materials on ground and blue sky
The crane outside the future hospital entrance - Photo by Sarah Flicker
Two men in construction PPE walking through building with steel framing and foundation only, semi truck with construction materials on truck bed in background
Encore Electric project partners walking through the future lobby - Photo by Sarah Flicker
People in construction PPE working on construction site 2nd floor with steel framing, decking, plastic wind barriers, construction materials on poured floor, and apartment buildings in the background
Structural crews at work on the 2nd floor - Photo by Sarah Flicker
Steel framed story, poured floor with recessed areas for future hospital rooms, construction workers with PPE and materials in background, plastic wind barriers, decking above, plains and blue sky in far background
Recessed concrete slabs for future room build-outs - Photo by Sarah Flicker
Three men in PPE in a half circle having a conversation, decking above, poured concrete floor with recessed area below them, plastic wind barrier in background
Seth Williams discusses technical requirements with Encore Electric project partners - Photo by Sarah Flicker
Steel framed building façade with plastic wind barriers and decking, construction materials and two construction cranes one at the west of the building and a smaller one to the east of the building, two men in construction PPE in the foreground with ATV, blue sky and glimpse of the mountains in the background
Seth Williams reflecting on the building façade progress - Photo by Sarah Flicker
Tall crane lowering into semi-truck bed filled with building materials and two construction workers with PPE, portion of steel framed building with decking and construction materials, blue sky and mountains in the background
Structural crew loading the crane to the west of the future hospital - Photo by Sarah Flicker

Learn more about SCL Health's Lutheran Medical Center Replacement Hospital here and Encore Electric here.


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