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Navigating the Future of Digital Health: Insights from MED Talks, a Healthcare Symposium

Updated: Jan 8

The October 25th MED Talks, a Healthcare Symposium, provided a platform for in-depth discussions about the evolving landscape of healthcare technology and its profound impact on the industry. The morning session, spanning from coffee and breakfast to a dynamic panel discussion, delivered insights from experts and industry leaders. We would like to extend our gratitude to TreanorHL and Turner Construction for hosting and emceeing this event creating a collaborative space for these crucial conversations. Additionally, thank you to AMFP – Colorado for sponsoring the event.

Welcome slide of digital presentation displayed in a modern convention hall room
MED Talks: a Healthcare Symposium- Welcome

The day began with a delightful breakfast spread from Corner Bakery Cafe, setting the stage for networking and engagement. Attendees indulged in pastries and coffee while forging connections and camaraderie.

The morning's official session kicked off with a presentation on “Trends in Digital Health “by Jordan Peterson from Advisory Board. In her comprehensive talk, she delved into four pivotal facets of digital health: digital consumer experience, workforce and technology, artificial intelligence, and telehealth. Her research and insights illuminated the latest digital trends, how they are reshaping the healthcare industry landscape, and the challenges and opportunities they present.

Following a short break, Eric Roark of NexCore Group shared valuable insights in his presentation “Navigating Best Price Through Partnerships” on navigating challenges in the healthcare industry, particularly in terms of costs and partnerships. He highlighted the importance of transparent goals, communication, leading by example, and fostering effective collaboration.

Two men and two women in professional clothing on a panel in a convention hall
From Left to Right: Eric Roark, Jordan Peterson, Suzy Jaeger & Lief Sorensen, MD, MBA

The session concluded with a dynamic panel discussion featuring a distinguished expert lineup. The panel included Suzy Jaeger, Senior Executive and Chief Patient Experience and Access Officer at Children's Hospital Colorado; Lief Sorensen, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer at AdventHealth Avista; and, in a welcomed return to the stage, the morning's earlier speakers, Jordan Peterson and Eric Roark. Jaeger spotlighted the significance of patient experience and access in the digital health landscape through investments in virtual nursing and home health medical equipment, while Dr. Sorenson shared valuable insights into the physician's experience within the realm of digital healthcare through investments in ambient intelligence solutions to reduce documentation burdens. Peterson provided further insights into digital health research. Roark delved into the pivotal role of partnerships in addressing the myriad challenges encountered in the industry.

The morning session at MED Talks, a Healthcare Symposium, offered a comprehensive overview of digital healthcare's dynamic and ever-changing landscape. The individual presentations and the enlightening panel discussion illuminated the potential for innovative solutions within the industry. Healthcare is transforming, driven by innovation, technological advancements, collaboration, and a deep commitment to enhancing patient care, access, and the experience for all involved.


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