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Denver Healthcare & Life Sciences Summit

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

On June 28th, 2023, we attended BisNow's Denver Healthcare & Life Sciences Summit, held at the Hilton Denver City Center. The summit kicked off with a delicious breakfast and coffee, providing attendees with the opportunity to network and explore the booths of various industry vendors.

Five men in suits speaking to audience about healthcare and life sciences.
Panel #1, From left to right: Ben Orozco, Roger Smith, Daniel Aizenman, Byron Hewett, & Mitchell Gonzales

Panel #1:

Daniel Aizenman- Director of Development & Design, Conscience Bay Company

Byron Hewett- Executive Board Member, Chair of Strategic Planning, Colorado BioScience Association

Ben Orozco- Project Manager, CRB Group


Mitchell Gonzales - Vice President of Process Technology, AES Clean Technology

The first panel included industry experts focusing on innovating Denver's life sciences sector. The panelists spoke about the current financing, operational, and development trends for life sciences. Bioscience companies are thriving in Colorado for various reasons. Colorado is a highly desirable state to reside in, thanks to its abundance of recreational activities and comparatively affordable cost of living in comparison to larger metropolitan areas. As a result, it has become a popular destination for leading scientists and healthcare professionals. In addition, there is a higher occupancy rate in biomedical labs in Colorado.

The panel addressed the healthcare industry's high turnover rate. To retain healthcare talent, it would be ideal to provide affordable housing options to new healthcare professionals. This can attract greener talent and help them settle in the area.

Three women and two men speaking to audience about healthcare life sciences.
Panel #2, From left to right: Chantily Malibago, Dan Frank, Kris Gaw, Juan Ramos, Tina Du Mond & Katherine Stekr

Panel #2:

Kris Gaw- Chief Operating Officer, Denver Health

Dan Frank- Chief Financial Officer, Craig Hospital

Chantily Malibago- Director, Real Estate Development - Healthcare, Mortenson

Tina Du Mond- Senior Project Manager, Page


Katherine Stekr- Associate Director, HLB Lighting Design

During the second panel discussion, the focus was on the expansion of healthcare services. Medical centers and biotech companies are making significant contributions to the growth and development of Colorado. Having access to the latest technology and AI would be beneficial for healthcare systems. However, hospital systems have different funding concerns and unique pain points.

The Denver Healthcare & Life Sciences Summit proved to be an exceptional forum for gaining valuable insights and connecting with colleagues. The event offered a comprehensive platform that facilitated networking opportunities and provided a wealth of informative discussions. Overall, attending the summit was a highly rewarding and enriching experience.


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