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Happy Holidays

The Equinox team wishes everyone Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year!

This year Equinox gave the gift of a goat through Heifer International. This gift will provide a family the training and education to ensure future income and sustainability. Little land is needed as goats are ideal for zero-grazing, and one goat can produce up to four gallons of milk per day. The goat will provide the family milk, cheese, and butter to sell and for their own nourishment.

Heifer International's mission is to end poverty and hunger, and they believe that begins with agriculture. By creating a secure income source, families can achieve sustainability with nutritious food, clean water, shelter, education, and healthcare. They have programs across the globe, including two in the United States. All gifts are tax-deductible—a portion of donations contribute to raising awareness of hunger and poverty issues through education. There are multiple donation choices beyond the gift of a goat; to learn more, visit

Heifer International also knows the power of technology and innovation in agriculture. Learn more in their blog about a fellow poverty fighter at the MIT D-Lab that teaches empathy to achieve goals such as an initiative that turned waste into coal for cooking fuel in Haiti. Additionally, in our 2019 holiday post, we discussed their blockchain initiatives for food supply chain tracking, land title initiatives, donation tracking, and financial inclusion, among others. This year they began working with cacao farmers to digitalize the value chain in Olancho, Honduras, using blockchain technology.

The year 2020 provides a reminder of the importance to give as the world continues to join in the pandemic eradication effort. If you are in the position to help others this holiday season, please consider one of these for your gift:



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