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Happy Holidays, A Season of Giving!

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

The Equinox team wishes everyone Happy Holidays!

The holidays are a season of giving, and a straightforward way to give this time of year is through monetary donations. At Equinox, one charity that we give to for the holiday season is Heifer International, where a single gift keeps on giving for years to come. Their mission is to end poverty and hunger, and they believe ending poverty begins with agriculture. This organization provides individuals with livestock and training so that they may learn agriculture and business practices, to become self-sustaining businesses strengthening their families and communities. By creating a secure source of income, families can now have sustainability with access to nutritious food, clean water, shelter, education, and healthcare. They have programs across the globe, including two in the United States.

Choices for donations are giving where it is needed most or selecting from the gift catalog. The catalog includes many choices such as the gift of water for life, biogas stoves for a village, irrigation pumps, trees, knitter's gift basket, or gift of an animal itself such as a heifer, honeybees, ducks, alpacas, and many many more. They also have gifts that focus on women's empowerment, such as sending a girl to school or providing women a self-help group where they learn to read and write and build businesses. Once a donation completes, they offer honor cards to let family and friends know about the gift provided in their name. Learn more at

Heifer International also knows the power of technology and innovation on farmers. For example, they are embracing blockchain for things like food supply chain tracking, land title initiatives, donation tracking, and financial inclusion. Learn more about the power of technology and innovation on these programs here.

There are so many opportunities to give this holiday season, why not give to an organization that has a lifelong impact.



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