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MEDTalks 2024: Collaborative Innovations in Health, Showcasing the Future of Healthcare Design & Construction

Updated: Apr 25

Turner Construction's MED Talks series has already established a reputation for fostering innovation and collaboration in the healthcare industry. Building upon this success, HDR and Turner joined forces to host a groundbreaking think-tank event, aimed at highlighting the cutting-edge design and construction innovations that have been developed to cater to the ever-evolving healthcare industry.

On February 7th, 2024, the event, called Collaborative Innovations in Health, took place at the CAVEA Theatre on the Metro State University Campus. It was organized in association with the Association of Medical Facility Professionals (AMFP) and was a half-day event focused on sharing and learning from industry peers.

Modernizing Healthcare Construction: A Journey Through ICT Evolution:

Our Principal and Founder, Teal Heath, FACHE, RN, PMP, was honored to be one of the six presenters. Teal delivered a talk titled "Modernizing Healthcare Construction: A Journey Through ICT Evolution," which explored the evolution of healthcare construction's ICT (Information and Communications Technology) and the power of collaborative expertise in modernizing future healthcare projects. The convergence of healthcare and technology is increasing pressure on hospital IT departments, and she highlights the need for a dedicated ICT resource early in the construction process, to ensure successful technology integration in healthcare projects.

Caucasian man in tan suit presenting at a podium in front of a large screen, at an event center hall
Paul Kramer of NV5

Diverse Expertise and Visionary Insights:

Other speakers included Paul Kramer, a Healthcare Project Director at NV5, who shared his insights on the influence of technology on the development of collaboration among project teams over his extensive 36-year career. Jennifer Doornbos, an architect with HDR shared her insights on the significance of fostering positive team engagement and camaraderie for the success of a project.

James Corbett, Principal of Initium Health, delivered a compelling presentation highlighting the necessity for increased behavioral health facilities and awareness. Kyle Majchrowski, Construction Project Executive/ Senior Director at Banner Health and Volunteer at Ripple Intent, presented the importance of meaningful conversations, taking comfort in vulnerability, and defining one's "why" to cultivate successful project outcomes. Jacquelyn Tompkins, a mechanical consulting engineer at Mazzetti, discusses Mazetti's interactive guidebook, Decarb Healthcare, funded by the California Energy Commission.


Overall, the Collaborative Innovations in Health event was a great success, bringing together creative and solution-oriented thinkers in the healthcare industry. It provided a platform for industry partners to showcase their innovative ideas and learn from each other's experiences, ultimately contributing to the advancement of healthcare design and construction.

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