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2024 National Blood Donor Month

Updated: Jan 10

National Blood Donor Month Logo

Why Donate Blood?

January is National Blood Donor Month! This is an opportune time to recognize the critical importance of blood donation and the impact it has on saving lives. Every two seconds, someone in the United States desperately needs blood. The need for blood is constant. Blood donations play a pivotal role in healthcare, from emergency surgeries to ongoing treatments for chronic conditions. However, the supply often falls short of the demand. By donating blood, you can make a tangible and immediate impact on your community.

man with facial hair, hat and glasses donating blood
Sergio Paula of Equinox HIT Donating Blood

Team Appreciation

We extend our appreciation to our team members, Shannon Mauler and Sergio Paula, who regularly donate their blood to this noble cause. Their dedication embodies the spirit of giving back to the community and making a real difference in the lives of others.

Taking Action: How to Donate

Getting involved is easier than you think. Reputable blood donation organizations like Vitalant streamline the process, making it convenient for individuals to schedule donations through their portal and mobile app. You can locate nearby blood drives, book an appointment, and track your donations seamlessly. Here are some more resources:

Join the Movement

Start 2024 by giving back. Donating blood isn't just a simple act; it's an opportunity to make a real difference in someone's life. Join the thousands who donate daily and become a hero, one pint at a time.

Take the first step today and schedule your blood donation. Visit,, or call 877-25-VITAL to find a drive or donation center near you!


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