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2023 Recap of Healthcare Technology Trends in Construction

Updated: Jan 8

In 2023, the intersection of healthcare and construction technology continued to drive innovation and transformation within the industry. Several key trends emerged, shaping how healthcare facilities are designed, built, and maintained. Here's a recap of some of the prominent healthcare technology trends in construction in 2023:

Hospital patient bed with modern wood paneling and modern furniture
Pre-Manufactured Modular Headwalls

1. Modular Construction

Modular construction gained momentum in the healthcare sector, offering efficient and cost-effective solutions for building new facilities or expanding existing ones. This approach leverages advanced technology to prefabricate building components off-site, streamlining the construction process and reducing project timelines.

2. Advanced Building Automation

The adoption of advanced building automation systems has become increasingly prevalent in healthcare construction projects. These systems encompassed smart HVAC controls, integrated security solutions, and IoT-enabled facilities management platforms, enhancing operational efficiency and optimizing the overall performance of healthcare facilities.

3. Sustainable and Wellness-focused Design

Healthcare construction in 2023 strongly emphasized sustainable and wellness-focused design principles. From energy-efficient building materials to biophilic design elements, integrating technology and construction techniques aims to create healing environments that promote patient well-being and staff productivity.

African American doctor saying hello via telehealth laptop to a Caucasian family with two parents and one toddler

3. Telehealth Infrastructure

The rapid expansion of telehealth services prompted healthcare construction to adapt by integrating advanced IT infrastructure. Construction projects in 2023 prioritized the implementation of robust telecommunication systems, high-speed internet connectivity, and secure data management to support the growing demand for remote healthcare services.

5. Data-driven Facility Management

The convergence of healthcare and construction technology led to the implementation of data-driven facility management solutions. From predictive maintenance utilizing AI algorithms to real-time occupancy tracking for space utilization optimization, data-driven approaches became instrumental in ensuring the seamless operation of healthcare facilities.

As we look back on the healthcare technology trends in construction in 2023, it is evident that the industry continues to evolve through the integration of innovative technologies, ultimately shaping the future of healthcare infrastructure and delivery. Reach out to our leadership team if you have any additional 2023 insights you would like to share!


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