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2023 Kidpower’s Chocoholic Frolic

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Equinox has had the opportunity to donate to the annual Kid Power's Chocoholic Frolic for nearly a decade. This year's event, which took place on June 10th, brought together individuals with a shared love for chocolate to support initiatives related to children's personal safety and violence prevention education. Kidpower equips children with essential skills and knowledge to protect themselves and stay safe in various situations.

Logo for the Chocoholic Frolic, 2023, featuring Paul Joachim and Saturday June 10

The event featured the renowned chocolate sculptor, Paul Joachim, also known as The Chocolate Genius. As the winner of Food Network's Extreme Alien Cake Challenge, Chef Paul Joachim is highly skilled in sculpting and creating unique chocolate masterpieces. His involvement in the Chocoholic Frolic event went beyond visual artistry, as he used his edible creations to connect with the message of empowerment promoted by Kidpower. Through his chocolate sculptures, Chef Paul inspired joy and conveyed the importance of self-confidence, creativity, and personal growth.

A chocolate sculpture of a boy in a superhero cape, with his arms on his hips and his chin up, wearing a shirt with a kidpower logo
Chocolate Sculpture by Paul Joachim, Source- Instagram Handle: kidpowerco

Participants at the Chocoholic Frolic were treated to a chocolate-tasting extravaganza, with a wide variety of delectable chocolate treats crafted by Chef Paul Joachim himself. This combination of culinary delights and artistic spectacle made the event an immersive and memorable experience for attendees.

By organizing the Chocoholic Frolic for 16 years, Kidpower has successfully engaged the community and raised funds to support their cause. The event serves as an excellent platform to raise awareness about the importance of personal safety and violence prevention education for children. Kidpower's focus on teaching personal boundaries, assertiveness, bullying recognition and response, consent understanding, and navigating potentially dangerous situations equips children with vital skills to navigate the world safely.

Overall, the Chocoholic Frolic fundraiser by Kidpower is an inspiring initiative that contributes to the well-being and empowerment of young individuals in the community. Through their love for chocolate, participants support a worthy cause and help create a safer environment for children.



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