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Women In Construction Week 2023

Updated: Jan 16

Celebrating Women in Construction Week March 5-11, 2023 Owner, Medical Equipment Planner, General Contractor, Architect, Project Champion, Transition Planner, Interior Design, FF&E, Clinical Champion, Owner's Representative, ICT Project Management, Technology Design Consultant

The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), founded in 1953, established the annual Women in Construction Week (WIC) in 1998 to celebrate and promote the role of women in the construction industry. This year is the 25th Annual week with the theme," 'Many Paths, One Mission,' celebrating the different journeys women have taken toward the same goal: strengthening and amplifying the success of women in the construction industry."

There are many paths for women to succeed in the construction industry!

Interested in construction or know someone who is?

Continue reading for insights from influential women in different sectors of healthcare construction.

Natalie Little Cost Manager Jtec HCM, Inc. Healthcare Construction Management Q: What drew you to the construction industry? A: I was actually in college working towards my Bachelor’s degree in the IT field and accepted a part-time job working for an insulation contractor. Initially, I started out as a billing clerk, but I quickly learned the ins and outs of project administration when tasked with managing their ERP software conversion. Working for a small, family-owned company, I was able to participate in every phase of a project, from bidding to closeout, and each step in between. I fell in love with the processes and the people. I’ve been working in the construction industry ever since.
Q: What is your favorite thing about the industry? A: My favorite thing about working in the industry is being able to watch a project go from concept to occupancy. I love driving by projects that I’ve been a part of, knowing the hard work that went into it and knowing the people who made it happen. The majority of my experience has been in Contract Administration and Project Accounting & Finance, so being aware of every dollar spent and every detail approved on a project is mind-blowing. Q: What would you say is a great first step for women looking into the construction field? A:  Seek out roles that you would naturally be good at, preferably at companies that mirror what you are passionate about. For example, I am gifted in accounting and my faith is important to me, so working as a Cost Manager building faith-based hospitals helps me feel both engaged and empowered. Whether you want to work in the field getting your hands dirty or in the office reviewing contracts for the legal team, there are countless roles for women in construction. The opportunities are endless and growth as both an individual and a leader can happen.

Samira Pasha Project Executive Hammes Healthcare  Q: What drew you to the construction industry?  A: I am a licensed architect and, as you know, architecture will not come to fruition without construction. I started working more and more with construction teams as I started taking Owner’s Representative roles. Many owners are increasingly choosing the Integrated Project Delivery Process (IPD). This process requires the owners to strengthen their in-house design and planning knowledge. It also requires pre-construction teams to be brought on board earlier during the design phase. With this arrangement,  the owner’s representative—in this instance me—would work more closely with construction and pre-construction teams, and much earlier in the project lifecycle, which can be the design or even the programming stage.  I am focused on healthcare projects, which can be complicated and challenging. I enjoy helping interdisciplinary teams solve complicated problems for the hospital and health system owners that I represent.
What is your favorite thing about the industry?  My favorite thing must be simply witnessing a facility come into existence and constructed according to plan, to serve the population.  There are risks along the way, but it is fulfilling to see that with some planning and teamwork, risks can be mitigated. It is perfect example of “if there is a will, there is a way.”  What would you say is a great first step for women looking into the construction field?  This is the time to join the party! These days the industry is very supportive of women and, more importantly, appreciative of the talent and skill sets women can bring to the table.

Learn more about Hammes.

Joyce Touchton IT Program Manager Children's Hospital Colorado,  What drew you to the construction industry? I enjoy working with IT infrastructure planning, design, and build.  The construction industry is an exciting opportunity to focus my attention on these efforts and learn more about our business with every unique project we support.  What is your favorite thing about the industry?  I really appreciate working with the diversity of trade partners and skillsets.  There is always so much to learn about construction and new technologies.  I find construction work is always challenging and never boring!
What would you say is a great first step for women looking into the construction field?  I would suggest identifying what areas of construction you are interested in and then pursue opportunities to visit sites with construction teams.
Emily Der-Grigorian, Project Specialist, Providence St. Joseph Health,  1.	What drew you to the construction industry? My dad worked in construction & ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been interested in the jobs he worked & how the process of going from design to executing those designs played out. What is your favorite thing about the industry? I enjoy watching the projects come together & how they improve the lives of the communities they serve.
What would you say is a great first step for women looking into the construction field? There are lots of different jobs that allow you to get into construction (some without having to take on student loan debt or minimal schooling), but having a good understanding of math, problem solving, people skills & a willingness to adapt can get you in the door & in the room ready to thrive.

Learn more about Providence

Thank you all for celebrating the NAWIC Women in Construction Week

March 5-11, 2023, with us!

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