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NAMI Colorado Springs 40th Fundraiser Breakfast: Creating & Cultivating A Community of Peers

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Sign with animated picture of three people around a tree two are looking onto the third person watering a tree on a green hill of grass and clear blue sky - sign reads Creating & Cultivating a Community of Peers - Below that is black font on a white background: Welcome to NAMI's 40th Anniversary Breakfast presented by Cedar Springs Hospital, UCHealth and Next Chapter all displaying the company logos

Teal Heath, Principal of Equinox HIT, attended and supported the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Colorado Springs' 40th annual breakfast fundraising event on Thursday, May 18th. Teal had the opportunity to witness the remarkable gathering and extend her support to the cause of mental health.

The event began with Joe Cole, the emcee from Fox21 News, who energetically set the breakfast in motion. The nearly 700 individuals present felt the anticipation and excitement fill the Broadmoor Hall ballroom. The event posed the question of how success is measured, and throughout the morning, that question was answered in various ways and led to thought-provoking opportunities for the future.

Black man wearing a light blue suite with white shirt,  at podium speaking to crowd looking onward, back ground of reddish brown lighting and dark brown drapes
Speaker Yemi Mobalade

Notable speakers took the stage, delivering powerful speeches that resonated with the audience. Yemi Mobolade, the Colorado Springs Mayor-Elect and spiritual leader, received a standing ovation as he responded to the warm reception by delivering the invocation.

Celebrity chef Brother Luck passionately spoke about the transformative power of peer support, emphasizing the potential to save lives. However, it was not only the speakers who made a lasting impact. Amanda Shahan, a NAMI Homefront graduate, and volunteer, courageously shared her family's story, generating yet another heartfelt standing ovation. These personal narratives underscored the significance of NAMI Colorado Springs' work in providing support to individuals and families affected by mental illness.

The event also achieved remarkable success in fundraising, raising over $196,000; so far, donations are still being accepted. The generosity displayed by the attendees will contribute significantly to the ongoing efforts of NAMI Colorado Springs, enabling them to continue providing essential programs, advocacy initiatives, and vital resources to those in need.

The breakfast event not only served as an opportunity to give back but also fostered a sense of camaraderie and celebration. It brought together various organizations and individuals who share a common belief in the importance of mental health. The presence of esteemed award winners, such as John Mullin, recipient of the Pat Lysinger Memorial Volunteer of the Year award, Trudy Hodges, CEO of Serenity Recovery Connection as Partner of the Year, and Ashley Cornelius, LPCC and Manager of the RISE program at Denver Health, as the Advocate of the Year, further highlighted the dedication and commitment within the community.

Attendees of the event gathered around networking or sitting at round tables with white table cloths and red and gold chairs, back ground is the stage with two screens on each side displaying text and a photo, middle of stage is a reddish brown background lite up with dark brown drapes, flooring is multi colored carpeting, ceiling is white and black with yellow paneled large round lighting fixtures.

As the morning concluded, the event's impact lingered in attendees' minds. It showcased the power of a united community working together to support and uplift individuals affected by mental illness. The breakfast was a reminder that success goes beyond mere numbers or financial contributions, encompassing the stories shared, lives touched, and the hope ignited within the hearts of individuals and families.

Thank you to NAMI Colorado Springs, its staff, volunteers, event sponsors, and supporters for their unwavering commitment to promoting mental health and providing support to those in need. Together, they can continue working towards a world where mental illness is understood, acknowledged, and met with compassion.

Donors' contributions testify to the compassion and dedication within the NAMI Colorado Springs community. For those who were unable to attend but still wish to make a difference, visit the NAMI Colorado Springs website to make a donation, as every contribution, regardless of size, can have a significant impact on someone's life.


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