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Mark Zirkelbach, CIO, Loma Linda University Medical Center interviewed in HealthSystemCIO

Mark Zirkelback, Chief Information Officer of Loma Linda University Health Medical Center, was recently interviewed in in a 3 part series. See below Chapter 1 quote, where he discusses the LLUHMC expansion project and the challenges in designing when construction is still years out.

" Zirkelbach:  Even though it’s going to be three or four years before the buildings actually start to take shape, we’ve already started on design for the rooms, and it’s one of those challenging things. I’ve reached out to a lot of my colleagues that have gone through construction here recently to try to understand how do you plan for something that’s not even going to be here for four or five years? And it is challenging, but we are in the process of that. We’re finalizing our budget, going through our design right now, and hopefully that won’t have to go under much change as we move forward."


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