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Loma Linda University Children's Hospital 28th Annual Foundation Gala: Resiliency

28th Annual Gala Resiliency Thursday, April 8, 2021, Photo of Child

Equinox is a proud sponsor of the 28th Annual Foundation Gala: Resiliency that occurred on April 8th. For the first time, the Loma Linda University Children's Hospital Gala was virtual as supporters, team members, and the community attended via computers and mobile devices. Generous supporters exceeded the goal of $300,000.00 in a rapid 22 minutes.

This amount will allow the LLU Children's Hospital to purchase a much-needed S8 Medtronic neuronavigation system, the most advanced equipment available for children. LLU Children's hospital treats 1,200+ children for neurological disorders and conditions. Almost 1/5 of those patients require neurosurgery. The neuronavigation equipment will help surgeons perform accurate and safe brain surgery that preserves brain function. The evening donations will make it possible to provide the most favorable outcomes for their neuro patients.

Children's hospital team pose behind Magnet Designation Congratulations banner while wearing masks to protect against COVID-19 spread.

Awards were given through the event to those that have dedicated themselves to service. One was the Nancy B. Varner Lifetime Achievement Award, this year awarded to the Loma Linda University Health Frontline Works, who have provided crucial care during the COVID-19 pandemic. They made an amazing impact through their courage and service and continue to do so for LLU Children's Hospital patients and their families.

From Left Dawn, Payge & George. Payge's adopted parents.

As a testament to LLU Children's Hospital's work, Payge's story was shared during the event. Payge was a patient at LLU Children's Hospital after being admitted by the San Bernadino Sheriff's deputies in 2018 due to extreme malnourishment and neglect. Through the amazing care and programs available at the hospital, Payge obtained a miraculous recovery and found a permanent, safe, and loving home. Register to watch a replay of the event and hear about Payge's remarkable story directly from her doctors, family, and herself.

By the time the credits were rolling, $323,841.00 was raised. That amount continues to climb as donations, and auction bids are open until Sunday, April 11th at 8 pm PST. One of the auction items is an adorable Maltipoo puppy. This puppy is available for a new home through the auction, a donation from Sweet Happy Puppies. It's not too late to register! Check out the auction items and get something extraordinary while donating to a marvelous organization that benefits children in the Inland Empire and beyond.


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