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Grant Avenue Street Reach Soup Kitchen

When you enter St. Paul's basement on Monday mornings, you will find people in need enjoying coffee, milk, and donuts. Travel back to the kitchen, and you see people hard at work preparing to serve 1,000+ people in need of a hot meal, today Teal Heath joined in the preparations. The Grant Avenue Street Reach Soup Kitchen has offered this service for the last twenty+ years and is 100% volunteer-ran.

Street Reach logo and view outside of St. Paul's where the soup kitchen is located

Volunteers show up as they please any time between 10 am-6:30 pm for prep and clean up. Those in need can come and be served between 1-5 pm and grab a take-home container full of spaghetti, so they have another meal to keep them going. The kitchen processes and the wonderful people make volunteering for this organization a rewarding experience.

Learn more or get involved here.

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Unknown member
Oct 08, 2021

Great blog post, thanks for sharing.

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