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Denver Startup Week

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Equinox attended this year's Denver Startup Week. The week is offered by community entrepreneurs for new entrepreneurs for free to build the city's culture of innovation.

Learn more here.

There were many great leaders and speakers throughout the week. For example, on Friday, Dr. Zane, the Chief Information Officer from UCHealth, discussed how our society is in a "cognitive revolution". He advised that per Buckminster Fuller, there is a knowledge doubling curve, and with the access to the information we have and the innovations we are exposed to by 2025, we could double our knowledge every 12-14 hours. He talked about all the innovative initiatives happening in the industry and how the focus is now on prescriptive medicine, "What should I do?" rather than reactive medicine.

Denver Startup Week presentation of the hospital of the future by UCHealth

UPDATE 11/13/19: Photo gallery released


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