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We support CIOs, healthcare system IT departments, and construction teams in delivering successful IT healthcare construction projects. 

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Our Offerings

Our Offerings

We have pioneered a modern approach to managing the information and communication technology components in healthcare construction, including budget development and management, scope, resourcing, IT infrastructure, IT devices, applications, integrations, and balancing competing projects and new technologies. With our integrated platform, Solstice KEY™, and niche expertise, we provide healthcare system IT departments and construction teams with the data, processes, and workflows to deliver successful healthcare construction projects.




IT Deliverables

Closing Packet


Everything in Core

Medical Equipment & Building Systems IT Plan

Applications Plan

Integration & Testing Plan


Everything in Advantage

Deployment Plan


The Symbiosis Addition


Everything in Premier

Transition Planning Partner

Command Center Toolbox

Service Center Planning Guide


With our integrated platform & niche expertise, we produce, present & defend your technology budget.

IT Deliverables

After work sessions with your team, we develop reports which contribute to accurate IT device asset ordering, tracking, & reconciliation, quality audits & change requests.

Closing Packet

At the end of the construction project, we generate a detailed summary that demonstrates your technology team's value, commitment & contributions to the project.

Medical Equipment & Building Systems IT Plan

This tool allows your team to develop, plan, & implement the IT support for medical equipment & building systems.

Applications Planning

Provides you with the tools required to successfully manage the EHR, ERP, and 3rd Party applications.

Integration & Testing Plan

Provides integration & testing plans for applications, print testing, & devices testing.

Deployment Plan

Provides a toolset allowing your team to organize & manage their work in coordination with the FF&E & construction schedules.

Symbiosis Addition

Changes happen; with the Symbiosis Addition, you get updated budgeting & resourcing reports for any scope changes.

Transition Planning Partner

Everything you need to become an excellent IT partner in transition & activation planning.

Command Center Toolbox

Plan the entire IT support arm for the first patient day & beyond to ensure a successful experience.

Service Center Planning Guide

Prepare your service center for all the changes that come with a new build. Your team will be aware of any new devices, equipment & applications that were added as part of the new facility build & where to route service questions & tickets.

Add any of the below enhancements to your selected package:

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System Selection Services

Our proven processes & tools allow us to execute any technology or device system selection seamlessly for your new facility.

Structured Cabling & Technology Standardization  

Allows you to more effectively communicate technology standards for any new build to your construction team partners, who review & design to your specifications.

Ongoing Service & Support Plan

Insights into what your IT department will require, including a cost report for each technology & application with ongoing maintenance & support requirements & an equipment refresh plan.

Project Management Toolbox 

Provides your project management team with the red flags, workstreams, & schedules needed to manage large, complex healthcare construction projects.

Accurate Technology Budgeting

Avoid costly mistakes while budgeting for the IT construction requirements.

Frequent Revisions

Manage stakeholder suggestions and new technologies while staying within the technology budget.

Siloed IT Departments

Overcome the complexities of IT departments communication channels.

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