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We support CIOs, healthcare system IT departments, and construction teams in delivering successful healthcare IT construction projects.

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Accurate Technology Budgeting

Avoid costly mistakes while budgeting for the IT construction requirements.

Frequent Revisions

Manage stakeholder suggestions and new technologies while staying within the technology budget.

Siloed IT Departments

Overcome the complexities of IT departments communication channels.

Our Offerings

Our Offerings

We have pioneered a modern approach to the planning and implementation management of the information and communication technology components in healthcare construction, including budget development and management, scope, resourcing, IT infrastructure, IT devices, applications, integrations, and balancing competing projects and new technologies. With our integrated platform, Solstice KEY®, and niche expertise, we provide healthcare system IT departments and construction teams with the data, processes, and workflows to deliver successful healthcare construction projects.

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"The seamless collaboration and open communication with your dedicated team played a pivotal role in keeping our project on budget and on schedule while ensuring we acquired the necessary technology. This partnership was instrumental in closely aligning our efforts with our operational goals.


Furthermore, the collaboration significantly contributed to the success of our broader portfolio initiatives, including capacity management and strategic program management. It enabled us to not only bring the new hospital to fruition but also to continue our essential work on other strategic programs within our portfolio."

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"Yellow Brick has had the privilege of working with the Equinox team on Transition and Activation Planning projects over the past several years. I can attest to their expertise, dedication to custom solutions, and the ability to deliver project deliverables on time and collaboratively. They are not only well-versed in the complexities of healthcare IT but also committed to helping healthcare organizations enhance their operations, improve patient care, and achieve cost-efficiency."

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“As a trusted partner, they represented my department in conversations and meetings with architects, owner representatives, medical equipment planners, and low voltage systems planners and advocated, supported, communicated, and implemented our IS standardization. I recommend Equinox HIT for any large healthcare construction project as the services they provide are a value add to any IT department.”

Former Senior VP, CIO, Centura Health

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"Reflecting on the words of Fred Astaire, “I suppose I made it look easy, but gee whiz, did I work and worry.” While the new St. Anthony hospital opening went without a hitch and thus seemed easy to the casual observer, I know how much all of you worked. Thank you for working tirelessly to ensure that the difficult looks easy."


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