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IT Construction Project Management

We have pioneered a modern and better way to manage the healthcare information and communication technology (ICT) components in construction to include budget development and management, scope, resourcing, and balancing of competing projects and new technologies. Our services are typically funded through the capital construction project alleviating some operational budget strain. 

What we do for you:

  • Completely integrate with your IT department; we become your IT team members with the expertise and niche experience needed to deliver successful construction projects from infrastructure to applications.

  • Advocate for IT and support, communicate and implement IT standardization. Managing RFI and RFP processes for technologies such as Digital Front Door, Patient Engagement, Patient Observation, IPTV, Telehealth, RTLS, and more. 

  • Fluently interact with the construction team including technology design consultant, architect, owner's representative, general contractor, and subcontractors to schedule work and ensure seamless design, integration, and installation of information and communication technology.

  • Provide specialized end-to-end planning and IT project management through every construction phase. Effectively manage parallel, complex, and mutually dependent components, with a seamless transition to operational teams, giving you peace-of-mind.

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We offer a broad range of consulting services for your business needs.

  • Project management

  • Innovation and transformation management

  • Change management

  • Executive advisory

  • Grant proposal advisory

  • Optimization advisory



Our team consists of experts in information and communication technology, healthcare construction. 

We are a project management consulting company. Learn more.

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